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Damp basements and wet crawl spaces can be bad enough, but they can lead to dangerous mold infiltration as well, which can then lead to respiratory problems and aggravate allergy symptoms for those living in the house. Guardian Basement Waterproofing will come in after the leak repair is complete and resolve any lingering problems with qualified, expert mold remediation.

Our mold remediation methods are proven and have helped many in the Baltimore area as well as the surrounding states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

They include four steps:

Identify - We determine where the moisture that is promoting mold growth is coming from and cut off that supply of water by repairing cracks or drainage issues.

Eradicate - We use an EPA-approved biocide to eliminate the mold that is currently infesting the room or home.

Seal - We encapsulate the dead mold and seal the surfaces with plastic, paint, or other sealants to prevent any that escaped the biocide from reproducing again or moving to other areas.

Dehumidify - We ensure the infected room will not remain attractive to mold by resolving any dampness issues. This typically can be resolved with the installation of a dehumidifier or ventilation system.

Do not try mold remediation on your own, and bleach does not work. Mold can be extremely hazardous and should be eliminated by trained professionals who have the knowledge and equipment for the job.

So contact the pros at Guardian Basement Waterproofing for a free estimate.

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