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Does your basement flood every time it rains? Is there dampness in your cellar that never seems to go away? Then know that relief is at hand. Save money and prevent further damage to your structure or your personal valuables by calling the professionals at Guardian Basement Waterproofing.

We are experts in waterproofing basement and crawlspace areas that have been cracked or otherwise damaged or that did not receive the correct waterproofing measures during construction. Houses in our area will settle with age, which can make them susceptible to basement flooding.

Common solutions for waterproofing basement environments:

Drain - Install an interior subfloor drain to direct water to a sump pump system.

Baseboard - Install a baseboard system, which does the same but does not require jack hammering since it is installed along the existing basement walls.

Sealant - Apply a negative side sealant, which is a waterproof layer of cement, to the basement walls.

Exterior - Perform exterior excavation, which means digging around the perimeter of the basement to install a new drain.

Our basement waterproofing procedures also include installing drain tile systems, sump pumps, stairwell drains, and backup batteries and repairing foundation cracks.

We will do no work, however, until we perform a full inspection and determine the source of the problem. There could be a number of causes, including cracks in the foundation, leaky plumbing, broken downspouts or gutters, bad soil drainage, faulty foundation drains, or improper grading around the foundation.

Remember, overlooking or neglecting a leaky basement can lead to expensive and harmful damage to the foundation of your house. Do not wait. Call the proven professionals at Guardian Basement Waterproofing for 100% guaranteed work and low-rate financing.

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